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Quick and Easy ~ Exercises for Making a Differnce in Your Life ~ Resolve to Evolve!

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 Resolve … to… Evolve….
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Focus On Where You Want To Go, Rather Than Your Fear

“The importance of focusing clearly on your desired outcome rather than fixating on a negative variable that stands as a temporary obstacle to the achievement of your goal cannot be over estimated.

In motor racing, a driver who skids out of control is always tempted to look at the looming wall, barrier or ditch which might easily claim his life. Yet a seasoned driver knows that the direction of his gaze can eerily determine the course that the car will take. He knows it is imperative that he direct his gaze away from the wall and towards the road with every ounce of his will. He must look only in the direction he wishes to go.

Similarly, what we consistently focus on in life eventually becomes the substance of our reality. People can spend a lifetime focused on the brick walls of their own imagined shortcomings. They fail to achieve their dreams and goals simply because they don’t look at them intently enough.

In a clear and committed focus on your goal, the ‘how’ will usually make itself apparent.”  
Tony Robins

Let’s Make a Few Changes - Today!

  • Write down – right now – four things you really need to do but have put off. Are you a bit over-weight? Is that smoker’s cough getting worse? Have you let a silly falling out come between you and a valued friend? Creating a Better Relationship? Better communication?
  • Then write the answers to these questions beside each: Why haven’t I acted yet?
    What pain have I associated with such action in the past? An honest answer will bring home the fact that the thing holding you back has been that you link more pain or inconvenience with the action than with inaction.
  • Next, set down all the pleasure you’ve gained by adopting this negative course. The immediate pleasures of indulging in a cigarette or chocolate or one too many beers are obvious. The same goes for avoiding a difficult task or painful conversation. Writing them down focuses your attention on your target. Change comes with new goals – think of ways to get these, or better, pleasures without the unwanted consequences.
  • Now, write the cost of not changing. Money, ill-health, death… perhaps it is a precious
    relationship that will be lost or damaged forever if you don’t act. Add up the cost over the next
    year, the next 10, the next 50. Consider the effects on your self-respect and your feelings about your life during all those years to come.
  • Finally, write down all the possible pleasures which could result from acting on these issues, now! Make the list long and lavish. Allow it to get you worked up. Let it charge your emotions with anticipation of all those benefits. Remember the benefits for others are at stake here, too.

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