"Metta" means loving-kindness

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Lomi Lomi Massage...

...the Loving Touch or "Loving Hands" is a form of healing massage expressed from the Heart, that originated in ancient Hawaii.

Aunty Margaret called Lomi Lomi massage "Praying work', with a loving touch."

The Lomilomi massage creates a connection of heart to heart, and to the divine in us to the divine in another.

the depth of the practice speaks through the Lomilomi healing massage touch. Physical strain, pent up emotions, deeply felt life transitions, or limiting beliefs and feelings can block energy flow, which is often reflected as muscle tension at different levels in the body. LomiLomi helps release the blockages and, simultaneously, gives the energy new direction toward a greater sense of wholeness, ease and relief.

Thus LomiLomi is not just a physical experience; it also facilitates healing on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Aunty would always say, "empty your heart before the sun goes down." that way your heart can be filled with Light again.

Kumu [master teacher] Dr Bonas learned the art of Hawaiian Lomilomi healing directly from the famous Lomi Lomi Kumu Aunty Margaret on the Big Island of Hawaii, Aunty Margaret, granted Anna, Dr. Bonas permission to practice and teach the art of Lomilomi healing touch.

LomiLomi Healing Massage: Restorative Bodywork

Lomilomi Massage is a healing touch massage which carries us through a therapeutic rhythm within the dance of life, to deeply transform our body, mind and soul.

Na'kumu'nalu: Lomilomi Therapeutic Massage for times of Life's Transitions
~Na'kumu'nalu: the source wave~
A series of 4 hour Lomilomi massages of 2/week or once a week for a month

~Na'kumu'nalu: the source wave~
Deepening –Releasing- Transforming: 4 Hour Massage Sessions
LomiLomi Life's Transition Massages are recommended for individuals going through deep life transitions, and who are wanting an inner ease when stepping forward into a new phase of life.

LomiLomi Life's Transition Massages benefit:

  • Markers of time, Transitions of Age: Youth to Adult to Elder
  • Important Moments: Life Beginnings: initiations: Commencing, Graduations, Anniversaries
  • Pre-Commitments, Marriage
  • Moving, Job Transitions, Career and Life changes
  • Partings, Separations, Divorce, endings and beginnings
  • Grief and Loss:
    • Pain from loss and grieving, often grips our chest and guts, and seems to push and compresses against us, and separates us. LomiLomi offers a healing touch that gently opens and shifts our mental patterns and physical sensations, while restoring and reconnecting us to a deeper more infinite sense of ourselves.
  • Aging and Becoming an Elder
  • Wellness: Body, Mind and Soul

LomiLomi Healing Massage

Currently Dr Bonas is Only giving Trainings  in Lomi Lomi.  If you would like her to teach your group or Spa members Hawaiian Healing and Lomi Lomi Massage. She will travel to your center or home, as well as take your group to Hawaii for trainings that you would like to set up.There is a Sacredness to receiving these trainings on the Big Island of Hawaii in the tropical setting where these teachings were given to Dr Bonas and where she was given the name Noe’,  Noekealaokalehuaonaonaikauka.

Please feel free to contact her to ask about fees and trainings.

An Opening Massage: relieving stress, relaxing, rejuvenating, restoring
Lomilomi Massages are often given weekly, 2 times a month, monthly and seasonally based on an individuals needs and desires.

Na'kumu'nalu: Lomilomi Therapeutic Massage for times of Life's Transitions

4 hour Lomilomi Massage
[Na'kumu'nalu: means the source wave]
Life Transition Treatments are Deepening –Releasing- Transforming..

5 and 6 hour lomilomi massages are possible based on individual circumstances.
Na'kumu'nalu massages are given based on an individual's needs and conditions, often it is many months after a massage before they request another.

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