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Lymphatic Massage

Lymph – The Forgotten Fluid

Illustration of the Lymphatic SystemBy Dr. Ani Samten Palmo DC, NHD

Our body is made up of trillions of single cells. Our skin is holding together our body which is a reservoir filled with fluid that contains all the cells that make up the different systems. Everything inside the skin is living in an underwater environment. The cells and organs are literally floating in fluids. These fluids are called lymph fluid, cerebral spinal fluid, and blood.

Stress of any kind has a profound effect on the body through the nervous system. Anything from physical, environmental, and emotional stresses, acute or chronic, positive or negative are detrimental to us. Stress activates the sympathetic nervous system and deactivates the parasympathetic nervous system. These two systems are part of the overall nervous system and help the body to adjust quickly to changes occurring in the internal and external environment. They also help to control the body's metabolism. All our internal body functions, from digestion to breathing, from circulation to tissue formation are controlled by the autonomic nervous system. The more stress and worries we have, the less our internal body can function properly. Stress slows down the metabolism, which then creates toxins in the tissues and congestion on a cellular level.

To simplify the whole picture just imagine a wonderful mountain stream. Little creeks flow from the stream to keep the entire area beautiful. As the water flows downstream, oxygen and nutrients keep the mountain streams healthy and filled with fish and plant life. Imagine now a beaver building a dam, backlogging the creek. Eventually a pond is formed and the water becomes stagnant. Algae will grow in abundance, diminishing the oxygen content in the water. The fish and water plants will get sick and eventually perish. This beautiful pond will end up as a dead body of water and will become a breeding ground for many diseases. Read Full Article >>

There are a few conditions where lymph drainage is not recommended such as chronic heart and kidney conditions and any acute bacterial or viral infections such as the flu or a cold. But basically any chronic condition may benefit from these treatments. Below is just a small list.

Conditions which Benefits From Lymphatic Massage
Chronic Fatigue
Any chronic illnesses
Chronic pain
Circulatory Problems,
Decubitus Ulcers (bedsores)
Gynecological Problems
Immune System depression
Joint Pain
Leg Pain
Lymph edema
Menstrual Pain
Pre and post surgical
Tired & Slack Tissue
Sensitivity-Weather Changes
Sports Injuries
Stress of any kind
Swollen Feet or arms
Swollen and/or painful breasts


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