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Hawaii Retreats

Join us Empowering Fun and Passion in Hawaiian Retreats. Dr. Bonas gives seminars in Body Mind and Spirit Healing, on the mainland and in Hawaii for individuals and couples interested in transforming their lives, to play more openheartedly and to become more successful and deeply happy and fulfilled. Retreats in Hawaii are life changing and Fun.


Hawaii Retreats with Dr. Anna BonasTransformational Hawaiian retreats are weeklong retreats to help those who want to deepen the presence of inner Happiness for individuals and couples. We integrate the tropical elements of the islands to create a greater connection with the world we live in, with ourselves, with another and the community in which we live. These workshops are for those who are ready for the next step of deepening and stabilizing their happiness.

Hawaii Retreats with Dr. Anna BonasIf you are interested in joining in the fun and expansions of consciousness, and have already worked with Dr Bonas in clearing and releasing limiting experiences, Please contact her, about setting up an interview so that you can apply for our amazing courses of heart opening and transformational experiences, and join us and connect even more deeply within yourself, with the healing transforming tropical elements and beyond.

Hawaii Retreats with Dr. Anna BonasOur space is limited for small groups who are ready to do deep work in a family “Ohana” setting, at Kealakekua Bay Hawaii (www.kamelealoha.com - Kamelealoha means The Love Song). We meditate, have individual and group sessions, snorkel, walk, read, reflect and explore happiness and the rapture of being alive. Our focus is on your innermost calling to be happy and feeling better and better in everyway.

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