"Metta" means loving-kindness

Feel your energy coming back.

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EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique

“EFT is a simple tool to help you feel calm,
think clearly and get on with life.
EFT is for everyone and it’s now easy to
learn how to dump your emotional baggage and get free of the past”
EFT Master Gwyneth Moss

Tap into your body’s Hidden Talents

Emotional Freedom TechniqueThe human body is amazing—it fights germs, heals its own scrapes, and can run for miles. And the mind/body can do other things you don’t even know about. Tap into your body's hidden talents by learning how to fight back tears, dull needle pain, clear physical, emotional pain, traumas, PTSD, chronic back pain, fibromyalgia, abundance blocks, fear of public speaking, reduce stress, weight loss, and more. Open your inner doorways to dive deeper into the keys to changing your life.

Learn to step into spiritual freedom and the powers within yourself through intuitive mentoring; tapping into your hidden talents, while tapping for your success beyond beliefs.

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Clear Physical Pain

Clear Physical Pain

Spiritual Freedom
Unleashing the Powers Within
Intuitive mentoring with Dr Bonas
EFT Metta Care Tapping:
Touches your heart with loving-kindness
While opening to the vastness of your being.
Tap 4 Rapture

Spiritual Freedom

Relieve Stress!

Tap on your body's acupressure points while repeating certain statements aloud.Tap on your body's acupressure points while repeating certain statements aloud.

Research shows that the Emotional Freedom Technique (a.k.a. EFT or tapping), a treatment which combines ancient Chinese acupressure with modern psychology, can reduce cortisol levels in the body and counteract the negative EFT Tapping for animals: emotions and physical wellnessimpact of stress by sending a calming signal to the amygdala (the part of our brain responsible for our fight or flight response).

Start by using the tip of your index and middle fingers to rhythmically tap the side of your hand point [karate chop point] while saying the "setup statement" aloud (speaking out loud will help with focus): "Even though I have this problem [insert your particular problem, such as neck pain, stress from a deadline, or anxiety], I accept myself., or I’m Ok, or I love and accept myself" Repeat three times.

Tap briefly where the eyebrow begins at the bridge of your nose, to the side of your eye, under your eye, under your nose, on your chin, on your collarbone point, under your arm, and on top of your head while you express how you feel aloud, as if you're venting to a friend. Then repeat on the other side.

Breathe in…..Out……exhale the feeling of Peace….say it out loud: Peace…….


EFT Tapping for animals: emotions and physical wellness

EFT Tapping for animals: emotions and physical wellness

Yes, our pets respond too.

Try Tapping on everyone and everything
Infants to Children, Adults and Elders
Create Healthy Relationships
Tapping for “stuffed feelings, things you couldn’t say,
Feeling too sensitive, or just needing to mend a broken heart?
Forgive and Let Go
Begin Again

EFT Metta Care Tapping gives you” tools at your finger tips” to help you quickly understand and change

your limiting beliefs into empowering resources
Tap away hurt feelings and open your heart to heal with compassion
and deep understanding
Greif and loss transform into new Awakening

Half day and All Day Healing Intensives
In my office or on Skype with Dr Anna Bonas DC LAC OMD
Often an hour session clears the way for you to think clearly
To feel calm and ready to take action
to do whatever you may need to do

When you want to go deeper
To solve Problems and Realize your Dreams

Take the time for yourself
Make an appointment today
To transform your life now

Do want deeper changes?
2, 4 and 6 hour clearing sessions
Let go of unwanted patterns and limiting emotions
While strengthening empowering feelings
Breathing in a greater feeling of Peace deep within yourself
Sessions with Dr. Bonas are $120/hour on Skype

Spend a week in Hawaii on an EFT Retreat for individuals and couplesSpend a week in Hawaii on an EFT Retreat for individuals and couples

Transform emotions and experience the oneness within and the oneness of the elements of nature; experience a tropical breeze, the warmth of the water, the sound of the ocean, and let healing and connection restore you deeply breathing in the spirit of aloha.




Anna Bonas, L. Ac.Dr Anna Bonas DC LAC OMD
Skype: Yumtha
Holistic Chiropractor, Acupuncturist
Doctor of Oriental Medicine
Transformational Coaching

Compassionate Care Chaplain                                                             
Metta means Loving Kindness
Master NLP Practitioner, EFT, Faster EFT III practitioner
Sebastopol, Mill Valley, California and Hawaii
Specialty: Transformational Coaching Half and All Day faster: EFT Intensives,
Awesome transformational retreats in California and Hawaii
Creating Dynamic Changes: Problems Solved and Dreams Realized

Dr Anna “Noe” Bonas DC LAC OMD
EFT and Faster EFT practitioner
The focus of her work is in caring for the soul.
Dr. Bonas is engaged in life’s “soul ecology”, observing the path of the soul, in life, setting the stage in life and the next, as well as doctoring, and tending for the next life, by planting fertile seeds of karma, for the vipakka, the fruits of one’s next life.

Dr Bonas is a Holistic Chiropractor and Acupuncturist, with a vast background in Eastern and Western healing therapies of the Body, Mind and Spirit. She has a Doctorate in Chiropractic and Oriental Medicine, and holds national status as a Diplomat in both fields. Dr. Bonas also has a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a major in Human Anatomy.

She is a Certified Polarity Health Instructor, and Hypnotherapist. Master NLP Practitioner, received NLP trainers training from NLP creator Robert Dilts, studied with NLP founder Richard Bandler, and Ericksonian hypnosis with Stephen Gilligan PHD, EFT Master Gwyneth Moss PhD, and Faster EFT with Robert Smith in BC, Canada and England.

Dr Bonas has studied many other forms of emotional and physical therapeutics which help to release the cause of dis-ease. She is a 7th degree Reiki master. Her research in the psycho-spiritual aspects of health has enabled her to integrate these disciplines into her work and teachings.

Dr Bonas has studied healing methods for most of her life. She has taught courses in conscious living and dying. In the early 80’s she taught courses in etheric and astral physics, as well as metaphysical cosmology from a Western, Oriental, and Hindu perspective, i.e., how the interplay formlessness and form oscillate within all aspects of life, and how that energy cascades through the octaves of  our being, and interacts with the physical and emotional experiences of the body. Our body’s energy is reflected in the acupuncture pulses.

Dr Dr Bonas is a master of Pulse diagnosis. Acupuncture pulse diagnosis reflects the inner and outer experiences of the body, mind and spirit, which are often unnoticed by the perception of our conscious minds. Our pulses become the voice of the song of the soul. Dr Bonas’ master ability to detect and listen to your acu-pulse rhythms reveals to her a key to offer to you unique, specific instructions to improve the depth and/or breath of your way of breathing, which will enhance and deepen your relaxation and mediation, while creating greater balance of your body, mind and spirit

Aside from an intellectual knowing gained in her early years, it has been through inquiry and meditation on the Heart Sutra that influenced Dr Anna’s work, which began her studies of Buddhist Psychology, and the Bardo Thotrol: the Tibetan Buddhist Scripture known as the Tibetan Book of the Dead, in her early 20’s which has formed her path of conscious awakening and has opened deeper insights, intuition, and experience into our vast nature.

She teaches and practices knowledge that has been handed down from healer to healer, which has increased her ability to evaluate and treat patients. Her intuitive abilities, inner vision and depth of energetic experience have expanded her higher sense perception, which embraces the Heart of Healing, and acknowledges the path of the soul in each individual. Dr Bonas has studied with Native American healers the ways and songs of healing. By a Pomo elder she was called "Yumtha", spiritual healer, a doctor, one who sees the needs of a individual or community through inner vision and wisdom implements a cure.

She has studied Hawaiian Lomilomi massage with Auntie Margaret, and, Ancient Hawaiian Healing; La'au Kahea (the Calling Medicine; spiritual healing), from Kahu Lanakila Brandt. Lomilomi is an ancient healing art that was taught and handed down in the family. It connects your heart, hands and soul, with the Divine, and through the Lomilomi touch your soul opens to the healing within. La'au Kahea uses ancient chants for healing, the spiritual, emotional and physical.

Lanakila taught ho'oponopono [to make things right]for family and individual emotional healing.
Auntie Margaret practiced ho'oponopono for healing, by teaching you to, "empty your heart before the sun goes down." Kahu Lanakila was a priest of the temple Pu'uhonua o Honanunau. He adopted Anna, and gave her the name Noekealaokalehuaonaonaikauka, (Noekeala, Noe’).

The main focus in her life is to deepen her knowledge of the nature of existence, and doctoring of soul ecology. In caring for the soul Dr. Bonas is engaged in life’s “soul ecology”,  observing the path of the soul, in life, setting the stage in life and the next,  as well as doctoring, and tending for the next life, by planting fertile seeds of karma, for the vipakka, the fruits of one’s next life.

“It is said, to die well, is to have lived well is to have an auspicious rebirth”

EFT helps you to live well

EFT and faster EFT, are tools for clearing the emotions of the past while opening you to an awesome experience now while expanding an evolution of consciousness for a mindful happy future to continue.

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