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Conditions treated with Wellness Chiropractic and Acupuncture Care

The above represent soft tissue injuries, which can often be chronically painful. Normally, injured muscles, tendons, and ligaments go through a repair and healing process, which takes usually about four to six weeks. But, what if the low back pain, neck pain, and headaches from a whiplash injury just does not get better? Or, you may have an athletic injury that causes nagging pain and prevents you from staying active, keeping you from the activities and sport you enjoy? What about pain where you cannot recall a specific injury, but think it may be due to repetitive tasks at work, or from overdoing it while working around the house. Doctors often give anti-inflammatory medications to treat these injuries, but they can often slow or even stop the healing process.
Acupuncture has been used to treat pain and injuries for over 5000 years and the results are truly amazing. In studies of patients with pain, patients experienced good-to-excellent results in both pain relief and improved function. There are times when a combination of medications along with acupuncture and holistic chiropractic methods will improve your healing results 50% faster than without this combination of therapies. A Team Approach to improve your health, so that you feel better faster.

In addition, with the use of physical therapies and acupuncture, many people find that their use of pain medications can be greatly reduced or eliminated. This is important because pain medications can be costly and can (with chronic use) have potentially serious side effects.

Best of all, our Team Approach natural healing therapies produces long-lasting relief by stimulating your body's natural healing response. Most other treatments provide only temporary relief. Combination therapies at the sites of pain, stimulates the body's own healing mechanism to repair and rebuild injured tissue into a stronger, more supportive, less painful tissue than it was before treatment.

Chiropractic and Acupuncture FAQ

How many visits are necessary, and how frequent are they scheduled?
Most conditions are treated with 4-8 visits, but may take more. The timing of visits varies from weekly to every 4-6 weeks or more. Rarely, 10-15 visits may be required. Some patient’s enjoy seasoning treatments, 4 times a year, others once a month. Treatments vary with life style and desire for wellness. Our body, our personal constitution or illness responds to treatments given in a way that is best for us to feel the level of energy and wellness that we want. We all respond differently when feeling better.
Is treatment expensive?
Compared to many treatments that are much less permanent and carry greater risk, it is very cost-effective. A typical treatment varies in cost, depending on your body’s responsiveness. The total cost of a course of treatment can easily be less than the cost of an MRI scan and a series of X-Rays.
Are there any activity restrictions during the treatment period?
Most practitioners recommend careful resumption of activity as tolerated. This can include normal exercise routines, walking, sports, and other activities. Other forms of physical therapy, massage, yoga and other treatments usually does not need to be stopped and may in fact assist the process.
What can I do to help myself to feel better faster?
There is an old saying, “where the mind goes the body will follow” and, “what we put our attention on we become one with.”  Thoughts of “appreciation” have been proven to enhance health, intelligence, and moods, giving and thinking thoughts of appreciation improve our heart, mind and physical health.
We recommend individual and group classes in meditation, mindfulness, spiritual and emotional counseling. We offer individuals, couples, friends and family support for emotional and spiritual needs.
What about "sciatica" pain?
The most common cause of pain radiating down the legs is not "sciatica" or sciatic nerve injury, but a weakness or injury to the ligaments that support the pelvic joint. This radiating or "referred" pain can be treated with the effective combination using acupuncture and chiropractic. As an acupuncturist and Chiropractor Dr Bonas uses a combination of treatments for her patients during each appointment to enhance and benefit of the treatment.
Will my insurance cover care?
That depends on your policy and coverage. Most insurance companies will cover part of the treatment. We bill the patient, and they bill their insurance companies.