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Women's Hawaiian New Year Retreat
Healing~ Pampering~ Rejuvination

JANUARY 17-24 2015

Contact Dr Bonas to see if this is the Right retreat for you.





Experience the intimacy of tropical elements cascade in and through your body in a physical meditation

Balancing body mind and spirit from the inside out

Walking Snorkeling Feel the Warmth while watching the Sunsets

Enhances Couples intimacy

Going Solo nourish your soul

Gourmet nutritious meals

Hawaiian Healing Bodywork, facials and more

Look and Feel Better embracing your mind and soul with Aloha

All included

Meals ~ Lodging ~ healing ~ bodywork ~ meditation and healing consultation

 Yes All pampering included

Sign up Early only 8 spaces available

Double occupancy  All inclusive a week of Meals and bodywork, facials, acupuncture and pampering

$3200/ person in single room or $3800/ per couple / or sharing a room with a friend.

$895 deposit by December 15, 2014

Contact Dr Bonas for more information this is a personalize healing and pampering retreat



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Hawaiian Rejuvenation Retreats


Body,  Mind and Soul

 Pamper your body, relax and refresh your mind, while opening your soul to the vastness of being

 Non-invasive face lifts; lifting the spirit from within; healing, stress releasing facials, lomi lomi Hawaiian massages

 Delicious nutritional meals for weight loss and feeling better

 Mindfulness Meditation,

 Walking, snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, sea turtles and colorful tropical fish.

 Transformational meditations for shifting negative mind states to more resourceful, positive and empowering emotions; opening you to experience vast passionate states of happiness and joy.

 Our Hawaiian New Year Retreat offers Special Individual Mind-Body programs

 Programs are based on your specific needs: Dr Bonas can detect through pulse diagnosis can determine

 the best breathing method for you to improve your health, along with deepening your experience of meditation

 Retreats are for couples and individuals: Please contact Dr Bonas for an interview to see if this is the best program for your needs. We want to help you select the best program designed for your needs

Do you want to Live Your Most Extraordinary Life?
Would you like to be in alignment with your innermost desires?
Would it be beneficial for you to recognize what is holding you back?
Do you believe your life would be extraordinary if you achieved you innermost dreams?

If so, I'm excited to share with you through transformational life coaching a synthesis of techniques and abilities that I have used over more than 40 years of working with people from all over the world to help you release what you would like to release and achieve what is most important to you.

Thank you

Dr Anna Bonas DC LAC OMD


Dr Bonas' seminars are filled with personal transformation. She is known for her training on strategies in wellness, self development and in personal relationships as well as assisting others in business models for success. A true caring and compassionate of others, Dr Bonas seeks to help people connect with their innermost self and transform rapidly.
Dr Bonas will help coach you on how to, move through self-sabotage become aligned with your goals and empowered to fulfill your dreams.

Through this process we will develop a "Blueprint" to achieve your life desires. By aligning with your innermost desires and being empowered to achieve them, you will live into an extraordinary life filled with purpose.

707 829~6893

Qi Gong class starting soon

Dr Bonas will be teaching Traditional patting method of the Daoist and Buddhist schools.

Classes will be on  The Luohan Patting System of Yin Style Bagua taught to her by lineage holder, Master Xie Peiqi of China.

The patting technique was developed into a system for healing oneself of illnesses, for keeping the body healthy, and for developing a strong body in martial arts.


The Patting technique involves strengthening the four cavities, the four gates, the 12 meridians and the eight extraordinary meridians


Qi Gong Classes will be in Sebastopol