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What is aging holistically and why is aging gracefully important? What’s the Big Deal about aging, it’s natural? Isn’t it better than not aging at all?

Many people know that I have been a holistic doctor of Chiropractic and Oriental Medicine involved in mind-body emotional counseling for more than 40 years—along with being a Buddhist Compassionate Care Chaplain, caring for the soul of those seriously ill and counseling families.

So, how has my practice so excitingly evolved into including the care of skin and facial rejuvenation?

What’s the Skinny?

Our skin is the largest organ of our body; it lines our nose and throat, lungs and our intestines forming a vital part of our immune system. Our health is all about our “cellular integrity.”

What’s Cellular Integrity?

It means that healthy cells don’t have “capillary fragility.”

What’s Capillary Fragility?

That is when cells are so fragile that they allow internal bleeding, interfering with our capacity to heal. Or our skin bruises easily or breaks and tears even with a light scrape.

What’s the cause or what’s missing?

Can we test and treat for imbalances to improve cellular integrity while creating greater harmony inside out?

We can do simple tests, as easy as saliva or urine testing, or muscle tests, and oriental pulse diagnosis creating a comprehensive exam specific to your unique needs to find out what’s going on with hormone imbalances, neurotransmitters, moods or bone health. We can treat with bio-identical hormones, natural medicines, herbs and vitamins. Shifts in attitude and emotions, meditations and movements, together with integrative Eastern and Western bodywork all help to transform our health and add to our wellness.

Diagnosis of the face, our pulses, together with intuitive listening mirror what’s going on inside. Our face, eyes, voice and energy reveal a window of our health, emotions and soul.

It’s true “The earlier the better”

The sooner we begin to address what’s going on in our body—our wellness and the integrity of our skin—the better our health will be, from inside our bones to radiance of our skin. Dr Bonas combines integrative natural medicine with years of education, clinical experience and medical intuitive abilities to assist you to feel better and fine tune where you want your health to be holistically.

Find out how pampering your body and face... deeply healing for you all over
from the inside out.

Heal from the inside out

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Our skin is a reflection of how we feel from the inside out and is affected by our levels of stress, our emotions and attitudes. Balancing your hormones, thyroid, organs and GI system affect health and wellness. Dr. Anna uses integrative healing treatments and skin formulations to promote healthy skin from the inside and out.

We can address any and all symptoms:

  • Energy, stress, sleep and pain
  • Moods, meditation & emotional freedom
  • Food sensitivities & allergies
  • Heart and hypertension
  • Immune system
  • Bones and joints
  • Neck, back, or whiplash
  • Tennis or golfer’s elbow
  • Arthritis or pain anywhere in your body
  • Tension and migraine headaches
  • Sciatica or low back pain
  • Herniated or degenerative discs

Let’s take the bite out of aging!
Dr. Bonas specializes in Aging Holistically ~ Body, Mind & Soul
Treat your skin to Natural Medicine Oriental Aesthetics for the mature you
You have the power! There are things you can do to create healthy cells within your entire body—affecting the aging process holistically, bringing greater health and vitality. Getting healthier improves your focus and your ability to move with strength and ease.

Is it PC…? “Politically Correct” to be concerned about how you look? YES!

Pamper yourself
Set up an appointment to
Look and feel better from the inside out
Taking care of yourself was never easier or more fun!

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